Печать рекламной продукции


широкоформатная печать


- Posters

Signs and banners


1.   Binding service.

2.   Folding.

3.   Repair, restoration.

4.   Stamping, impression.


Our clients include both individuals and legal entities, leading universities, hospitals, libraries, large and small organizations, restaurants, cafes, stores and others.

It employs skilled craftsmen printing and bookbinding. The main work on the binding is carried out by hand by masters, and only with the help of auxiliary equipment.

We provide both offset and digital printing. At your disposal a team of professional designers to develop a better layout, test it, and prepress.

Perhaps the performance of work in the shortest possible time by 2 hours.

Printing brochures, abstracts, methodical materials, etc .:

Printing and production of brochures in Kiev. Promptly and accurately.

Business and technical documentation.

Instructions to technology, appliances and equipment.

Guidelines, instructions, training and manuals.

Materials for exhibitions, presentations, conferences, seminars and trainings.

Abstracts, collections of abstracts and articles, manuals, books, books.

Brochures, booklets, catalogs, manuals, price lists.

We accept files, coordinate and approve the layout by e-mail. For text materials and monochrome illustrations - Typography rizografe (up to 600 dpi). For high-resolution illustrations - black and white laser printing (up to 1800 dpi). For pages with color images (photographs, drawings, graphs, charts, etc...) - Full-color digital printing. Binding plastic and metal springs. Firmware staples. Circulation of 1st instance. We work seven days a week.


Production souvenirs with custom logo.
Operational delivery of promotional souvenir production with logo.
Wholesale souvenirs for Kiev and All Ukraine in Warsaw, Poland, in Moscow and the Russian Federation. Souvenirs and gifts wholesale (wholesale).
Order, buy advertising souvenirs
Anti stress - antistress and anti-stress key rings, puzzles, desizhn makers (decision making tools).

Note pads, notebooks - from the catalog Bullet Avenue Label, notebooks No Brand, notebooks Lediberg, notebooks Eney, notebooks White Line, notepads thINKme, notebooks JournalBooks, notepads Lettertone, notebooks LIKE U, designer notebooks «Black Rainbow» with black paper, notebooks Ivory Line, notebooks Lanybook, eco-friendly notebooks, branded notebooks to order.

Charms - Charms metal, plastic, vinyl, acrylic, felt, leather. Keychain flashlights, key rings, roulette, key chains, bottle openers, key chains multifunction sets with remote controls, the original trinkets, key chains, styli.

Business gifts - leather products, Parker pens, VIP table devices, the Exclusive gifts, gift baskets, awards and trophies, shields for gifts.

Home and lifestyle - wine accessories, kitchen utensils, lunch boxes, knife sets, gifts, blankets, candles, serving sets, glass photo frames, aprons, Feng Shui.

Appointment - diaries, weeklies, Planing, alphabet books and other products to the letter. The range of popular brands: Economix, Optima, Cabinet, Julada, Eney, Lediberg, Buromax. Italian portfolio. Personalization additional option package for notebooks. Wholesale ready notebooks from a warehouse in Kiev and made to order.

Health and hygiene - sets for personal care, manicure sets, mirrors, mirror, first aid, towels and bathrobes, cosmetics, accessories.

Umbrellas and raincoats - umbrellas walking sticks, folding umbrellas, beach umbrellas, raincoats.

Tools and lanterns - multi-tools (multi-function), tool sets, pocket knives, tape measures, flashlights.

Personal Accessories - lighters, ashtrays, key rings, business card, cardholders, money clips, key rings.

Recreation and Sports - beach accessories, bottles, jars, glasses and sports facilities, sports accessories, binoculars, hammocks, balls, glasses, picnic, cooler bags, accessories for the bike, reflective accessories for safety on the street, promotional textiles, rugs, games for houses and streets, frisbee.

Office Accessories - notepads, notebooks, diaries, desk accessories, folders, calculators, kits with stickers, clocks, laser pointers, office electronics.

Tableware - cups, mugs, cups and saucers, cups, original, cups under sublimation, vacuum flasks, insulated cups, glassware, sports flasks, bottles, classic jars, glasses for beverages, tableware, wine accessories, original gift under brand glass packaging dishwashing.

Professions Holidays - various subjects: aviation, automobiles, banks, finance, rail transport, logistics, medicine, maritime transport, oil and gas, NEW YEAR, education, communications, construction, property, sport, tourism, show business, energy. Gifts for children, gifts for women, gifts with a smile, Ukrainian souvenirs.

Travel - travel accessories, wallets, travel cosmetic kits, car accessories, bags, bags.
Pens, pencils, markers - promotional pens, plastic pens, metal pens Original Eco-pens, of Schneider, the Parker pens, pens Lecce Pen and B1, pens Viva pens, pen stylus, markers under the logo, a logo pencils, rollers, cases, pencil cases. Bags, backpacks - bags duffel, backpack, for business people, for shopping, for laptops and tablets, on wheels, sports, shoulder bags , shoe, cooler bags, travel bags, eco-bags, hooks for bags.
Photo frames - wooden, plastic, glass, metal, digital. Photo frame with clock, thermometer, hygrometer, perpetual calendar. Wholesale from a warehouse and under the order. Production of original photo frames in Kiev, Ukraine.
Flash cards, chargers - stick metal, plastic stick, stick metal / plastic, wooden stick, Leather flash drive, flash card, bracelets, customized stick from PVC, stick pens, flash drives, credit card, original stick , flavored stick, mini flash drives, flash drives for packaging, charger units, power banks.
Clocks and watches - wall clocks, table clocks, wrist watches, weather stations by applying logo.
Electronica - accessories for mobile phones and tablets, audio and video, headphones, computer accessories, USB devices, weather stations, office electronics, photo frame, clock, USB flash drives USB (USB drive), chargers, Power bank, calculators.
Eco souvenirs - eco-pens, pencils, notepads eco-kits with stickers, eco bags, eco-folders and others.
Textile - shirts, caps, polo shirts, jackets, coats, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, sweaters, pullovers, fleeces, T-shirts, blankets, hats, scarves, gloves, children's clothing, sportswear.
Individual projects - flavors, coasters, magnets, soft toys, folders and briefcases of plastic, souvenirs PVC tape with logo, Lanyards with logo, awards, trophies plastic bags for gifts, packaging for gifts, promotional products.
Paper goods - custom notepads, paper bags, office calendars, desktop planigi, notepads, Stickers Post-it, cardboard folders, envelopes.

Full support , consultations 24/7 until the very end of the project. Delivery in Kiev and Ukraine's regions, as well as in other countries. Production: from idea to realization!